CMAC Equipment’s & Rentals

CMAC Equipment’s & Rentals, is the leading provider of rental equipment In India. We provide equipment that lifts & reaches. We rent these equipment, so that our customers can focus on what they do best rather than maintaining and servicing equipment, which they may use for a specific project. We make sure the equipment is there when it needs to be and is ready to work immediately and efficiently. Our profit centers are located where they are most required and we guarantee our service. Whatever the customer needs are, our staff are there, able and willing, to help our customers, ensure the job gets done.

CEAR was founded in 2009, which is a distinct part of CMAC, with a view to capitalize on the enormous opportunity presented by the infrastructure equipment rental services industry in India. The Company focuses on providing turnkey solutions to EPC companies and assists its business divisions into 3 distinct segments:

a)  Pooling of equipment for rentals of the above range.

b)  Procuring assets to service specific large infrastructure projects.

c)Buying of used equipment as is condition to refurbish & put it to use.

d)  Guiding the client to identify the specific equipment which may help them complete their project faster.

Equipment profile & the specifics :rentals

Tower cranes 6
Passenger & material hoist 18
Suspended rope platforms 30
Works platforms 02


Services & After sales: (Represent a sign which denotes services & spare parts)

We have a team of engineers (Client relations manager, CRM) at the 5 major regions of India. Each region is equipped with a small stores for the essential spare parts to be stored. Each CRM is equipped with the electrical & mechanical teams to ensure smooth running of our equipment.

CMAC Manufacturing: With 8 years of experience in giving sitespecific value additions, we have been value adding to the specific

requirements of the clients. having gained the experience of manufacturing / fabrications, we at CMAC started producing import substitute essentials thus giving the economical benefit to our clients.

  • Mobile Concrete Placer is available in 17.06 Mtrs. Pouring at the height of 8.22 Mtrs ability to fold for towing without removing discharge hopper.
  • Mechanical power for the conveyor is provided by 25 HP (19 Kw) Kirloskar Engine, which drives a Hydraulic Double Pump.
  • Conveyor can be moved Horizontally and vertically too. Hydraulic steering which pivots the two under carriage wheels can be steered at 90° to the right and 45° to the left and 360° around the yoke.
Mobile Concrete Placer

Mobile Concrete Placer