Executive Development

Executive development


2.Need For Cost Control

3.Bench Mark For Fast Completion

4.International Benchmarks

5.Indian Examples

6.Advances In Materials


b.Blended Cement

c.Mineral Admixtures – Fly ash Slag

d.Chemical Admixtures

e.Coarse and Fine Aggregates


g.Structural Steel

h.Cost Effective Concrete Mix Design

i.Ready mixed Concrete (Case studies of both the good & bad practices)

j.Pre-Cast Building Components

k.Pre-Stressed Concrete Flat Slabs

l.High Performance Concrete

m.Hollow Core Slabs

n.Cover Blocks

7.The Role Of The Engineer in the given scenario reference to their particular site

8.Management Perspective

9.ERP In Construction

Eliminating Waste / Cost Saving

1.Present State-Of-Affairs

2.Classification Of Wastes

3.Materials Management

4.Types Of Material Waste

5.Role Of Designers

6.Purchase And Storage Of Materials

7.Waste During Transportation And Delivery

8.Role Of Management


10.Waste Management And Subcontractors

11.Waste Reduction In Concrete And Reinforcement

12.Economics Of Concrete Mix Design

13.Effective Use Of Reinforcement

14.Equipment Productivity

15.Erection And Commissioning Of Equipment At Site

16.Use Of Diesel Generating Sets

17.Reuse / Recycled Materials